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A Management Consulting firm specializing in Organizational Development and Strategic Planning

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Organizational Development

Organizational Development is the process of diagnosing an organization’s current state of needs and working with leaders to create goals and objectives that will benefit the organization, its employees, and stakeholders.

At Apex Performance Strategies, we work with clients to achieve specific goals and implement strategies that will lead to the highest level of profitability, productivity, retention, morale, and customer satisfaction.

Some of the Organizational Development services we offer include:

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is the process of assisting leaders in the creation, clarification, and linking of business objectives to bottom-line results.

We examine internal and external conditions while maintaining our focus on the mission, vision, and values of our client's organization.


At Apex Performance Strategies our facilitated process works pragmatically to assist senior leaders in the creation, clarification, and linking of strategy to results.


Some of the strategic planning services we offer include:

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"After almost 10 years of partnership, I can say that Apex is a client-centric consulting firm that puts the relationship ahead of business gain. I find their solutions to be highly adaptable and customized to each individual client need. Whether it is training, coaching, or strategic planning; Apex helps emerging leaders (of all levels) to achieve their full potential."

-Matt Posard, Senior Vice President,

General Manager of New and Emerging Opportunities Illumina, Inc.

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