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Leadership Training and Development

At Apex Performance Strategies, we provide manager training in a variety of topics. In addition to these topics, we can develop fully customizable training sessions to meet the needs of your organization.

Training Courses for Individual Contributors and Managers


Conflict Management

This course focuses on how to engage in "Healthy Conflict," while minimizing the impact and presence of "Negative Conflict." Time is spent discussing the stages of conflict and the strategies to proactively mitigate the presence of divisive conflict, to allow teams to engage in positive dialogues aimed at goals and outcomes.


This DISC training course teaches how to step back and carefully analyze yourself and others when communicating and leading in various situations. It focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of each DISC style and uses this information to improve communication and enhance individual and team performance.

Group Dynamics

This course focuses on how groups form into teams and the dynamics that surround the interactions within a team. You will have many opportunities throughout the day that will allow you to apply what you are learning in real-time, through experiential activities.

Interview Skills

This course focuses on the basic purpose of an employment interview using effective interviewing techniques. You will learn how to develop your interviewing strategy, improve your interviewing skills, and make better hiring decisions. This course will also help you understand the importance of providing the candidate a realistic job preview. Additionally, you will learn how to ask behavioral questions and effectively probe in order to draw out the information you need to make a good hiring decision. Effective methods for evaluating a candidate's interview performance will also be reviewed.

Managing Change

This course focuses on the dynamics of personal change. It also emphasizes how to navigate through the Four Stages of Transition, and provides specific tools, methods, and models on how to successfully move though each stage of the transition.


This course focuses on how to motivate employees. You will learn three different ways to motivate your employees based on their DISC style, Needs, and Generation. After completing this course you will be able to apply many techniques immediately.


This course teaches how to effectively create teams and navigate through the stages of Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning. It also focuses on the five dysfunctions of teams and how to improve them.

Training Courses for Managers



This course provides a simple model that managers can use to improve development discussions with their employees. It also addresses how implementing coaching skills can improve the ability to manage teams.


This course focuses on how to lead individuals and teams more effectively by using essential characteristics of leadership. It also addresses Emotional Intelligence (EQ) concepts and how to apply them.

Performance Management

This course explains the process and importance of performance management. It provides a model to follow to give feedback and improve employee performance. It also highlights tools and tactics for making all reviews productive.

Situational Leadership

This course teaches how to diagnose others' development levels and choose the appropriate leadership style. It also focuses on how to use a common language for coaching and developing others and on understanding the impact of over supervision and under supervision on performance and morale.

Leading Change

This course focuses on how to successfully and consistently lead through change. This course places specific attention on how to leverage leadership behaviors to manage change for the leader and his/her employees. It emphasizes the leader's role in building organizational resilience, and provides an opportunity to learn specific tools, methods, and models on how to skillfully lead though change.

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