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We use a variety of products, which include sound, research-based assessment and feedback tools that are known and trusted by professionals worldwide. Additionally, at Apex Performance Strategies, we can create customized tools to meet the specific needs of our clients. When coupled with either training or one-on-one coaching, assessments can foster openness and trust, help increase overall productivity, and most importantly, can supply a framework in which individuals can better understand and manage their skills and abilities.


Strengthens communication by assessing behavioral styles


 Helps understand interpersonal dynamics and achieve higher performance through positive psychologly


Classifies employees into 16 possible personality types across four different spectrums

360 Feedback

Gathers feedback from colleagues, employees, and supervisors to enhance development

Situational Leadership

Enables managers to diagnose the development of an employee for a task

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to recognize and understand others’ emotions

Conflict Mode Instrument

Determines how you tend to respond to conflict and what other conflict-handling methods are available to you

The Four Stages of Transition Self-Assessment

Understand how to better manage change

Hogan Personality Inventory

A measure of normal personality and is used to predict job performance

Customer Support Agent
Service First

Customer Service 

Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking

Tests inferences, recognition of assumption, deduction, interpretation, evaluation of arguments

Management Potential Report

Assesses managing potential and competencies

Accounting Tasks
Managerial Values Profile

Helps managers identify the value premises that guide their managerial actions

Brain Storming on Paper
Work Profile Questionnaire

Measure emotional intelligence and examine sets of personal qualities and competencies at work.


Lencioni's Team Assessment

Discover how effective communication can transform team culture

Four Block Performance Assessment

Tool to assess performance in an organization


Working Together
Customized Employee Opinion and Climate Survey

Assess employee engagement and organizational climate

Going Over Plans
Needs Analysis Survey

Assesses organizational needs and areas of development

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