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Organizational Diagnosis

At Apex Performance Strategies, we use a Six-Phase approach to Organizational Diagnosis:


We create a partnership with the client to develop a shared understanding of the task, issue, or problem along with a plan for diagnosis.


We examine organizational archival reports/documents and utilize information gathered through interviews, focus groups, questionnaires and surveys, along with objective observations to collect relevant data.

Present Findings

This phase involves sharing results with the client to determine an effective intervention strategy. Apex Performance Strategies uses easy-to-understand language to explain the results of the data collection phase.

Action Planning

We work with key players from the organization to develop an action plan that:

-Fits the needs of the organization

-Will yield measurable results

-Will enhance the organization’s capacity to manage change

-Is catered to the organization’s situation, culture, context, and maturation cycle


After collecting the data, consultants use statistical analysis methods to interpret the data and develop practical recommendations.


We recognize the importance of maintaining a focus on the desired state and helping organizations sustain change initiatives. The reinforce phase ensures effective implementation of our action plan and outlines the next steps to take once the action plan has been implemented.

Some of the organizational diagnosis tools we use include the Swot Analysis and the Lewin's Force field. 

SWOT (org diagnosis).png

SWOT Analysis

Lewins_Force_Field (org diagnosis).png

Lewin's Force Field

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