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Corporate/Executive Coaching

Coaching provides opportunities to develop and retain talent and identify strengths and development areas for key employees. In the coaching relationship, the coach and the individual typically meet for a minimum of twice a month over a period of three to six months. 

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We also offer short-term coaching engagements, called Action Coaching. Action coaching is a short-term, high-impact engagement that usually lasts approximately three months. It is typically used in conjunction with structured training sessions. Action Coaching is also an effective approach when a significant number of employees in an organization are involved in coaching engagements simultaneously. It offers the client high impact results within a limited time frame. The sessions concentrate on a specific area of focus, and typically include 360-degree feedback and the creation of a development plan.

The individual being coached usually completes several assessments including a personality/workplace behavior inventory and 360-degree feedback assessment, to determine and highlight areas for development. Next, the individual will begin a development process and progress will be benchmarked over time. The focus of the coaching relationship is to change and improve behavior. Throughout the coaching engagement, the accomplishment of goals will be measured to determine the impact of individual performance towards business objectives.

The flexibility of coaching allows the technique to be tailored to an individual’s learning style and their most pressing need for development. Due to this focused approach, coaching is a excellent return on investment for the training dollar.

Coaching is about building the capabilities of people to effectively contribute to the goals of their organization. Coaching can deliver sustainable improvement in terms of effective leadership, efficiency, decision making, teamwork, and customer service. In fact, coaching should be a part of the strategic plan for achieving organizational goals.

Running Up

Benefits of Corporate/Executive Coaching

 Growing high-potential leaders

Addressing performance issues of both the leader and the people who interact with that leader

 Assuring success in new assignments


Assuring organizational alignment

Addressing re-orgnization needs

Accelerating new leader assimilation

Enabling cultural change through leadership action

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