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Organizational Development

As organizations strive to gain and maintain a competitive advantage, the demand on leaders is greater than ever. There is need for leaders, at all levels, who can develop and execute strategy, build commitment during uncertain times, and navigate change confidently.

Even the most experienced leaders are finding the current business environment challenging. Forward-thinking organizations are providing support to their leaders through coaching to enable them to lead and succeed.

The single most significant impact on employee performance and morale is the relationship between an employee and his or her leader. A well-trained, effective manager is critical to the ultimate success of the organization.


Apex Performance Strategies offers leadership training that enhances the quality of leadership within your organization. 

We all use competencies; they are essentially the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to perform daily activities. Core competencies should never been static, but should change in response to transformations in the organization's environment. They should be flexible and evolve over time. As a business evolves and adapts to new circumstances and opportunities, the core competencies must adapt and change.

Real team building - the kind that creates lasting behavioral changes that work - requires commitment, training, and practice.

At Apex Performance Strategies, we use an approach that is designed to promote interaction and provide insight into the way in which individuals think, communicate, solve problems, and manage conflict.

At Apex Performance Strategies, we believe that individual, team, and organizational performance can be improved through the use of valid and reliable assessments. These instruments are a powerful method of exploring individuals' behaviors and can provide insights into team and organizational dynamics.

Apex Performance Strategies partners with organizations to achieve strategic results through best in class consulting services. Our performance consulting services involve a systemic approach to analyzing and diagnosing performance problems. We use the analysis to diagnose the root cause of organizational issues and identify drivers for performance improvement.

Strategic Planning

Organizational diagnosis is an important part of developing the business strategy. Organizational Diagnosis helps organizations identify the “gaps” between “what is” and “what should be.”


Once we gain a shared vision of the desired state, we can partner in an effort to identify barriers and work toward solutions. At Apex Performance Strategies, we have developed a six-Phase approach to organizational diagnosis that is tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Strategy development can consist of creation, clarification, and/or linking strategy to everyone's every day job. Strategies ought to be linked to a vision, should be conceptual and directional, and should be easily understood and linked to performance metrics.

When the strategy is effectively articulated to key players within the organization, strategic alignment is expedited, and the process is much more effective.

A strategic plan is useless unless integrated into daily work. Strategic Planning is an ongoing process that includes a plan to turn the Vision into actionable steps and consists of:

• Organizational Strategic Plan
• Business Plans (e.g. Marketing, Finance, etc.)

At Apex Performance Strategies, we use a powerful tool focused on implementing business strategies efficiently and completely throughout an organization. The OGTM process allows the client to create specific Objectives, Goals, Tactics, and Measurements for each business strategy.

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